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You’ve worked hard. You’ve gone to the gym. You’ve eaten healthy. You’re drinking water and doing everything you’re supposed to do to be trim and healthy – yet the weight won’t come off!

Good News: it’s not your fault!

Dr. Siobhan Kealy, Medical Director and Creator of Balance 3H+®, knows exactly what's really stopping you from losing that weight, and the answer may be unlike anything you've heard before...

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It's Not Your Fault! It's Your Hormones

It’s not a lack of will power. You don’t need to be more determined, focused, or work any harder. The secret to your weight problem is hidden in your hormones, and this new and exciting paradigm is devastating some of the most iconic names in weight loss! 

Discover New York’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

If you’re 40+, you know that middle age doesn’t treat everyone equally. Some women appear to have flawless figures without having to break a sweat, while others trudge away on the treadmill for years – only to struggle to fit into their favorite jeans!

Are you tired of the mystery and want to learn why it’s so hard to lose that weight? Keep scrolling to win a complete Balance 3H+® Program + Health 365 Test a value of $2290!

The Balance Solution

Knowledge is power. With the right information, you can change how you look & feel about yourself. A powerful session with our experts is full of health information you just won’t hear anywhere else, including:

The causes of unsightly middle-aged weight gain

The proven route forward to a healthier, happier you

3 hormones that are working against your weight loss and fitness goals – and what you can do to stop them

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What sets B3H+® apart from other hormonal weight loss programs?

The answer is our Health 365 Test.
This revolutionary, scientifically-backed biomarker blood test determines exactly which hormones are influencing your middle age weight struggles, and allows our expert nutritionists to create a completely customized weight loss program for you. Watch our video to learn more!

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